Two previously licensed Invent-Tech inventor products granted utility patents through USPTO…

November 30th, 2006

Good afternoon, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with an early update. As we had alluded to at the end of our entry yesterday, we have recently been made aware that two inventions that Invent-Tech previously assisted in licensing have now been granted U.S. patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The first, the RV Stabilizer, helps address a common safety and mechanical concern for recreational vehicles that need their tires changed for any reason. The product is designed to provide stability for this process, which can be dangerous with a large and cumbersome vehicle such as an RV. Invent-Tech initially helped put together the licensing agreement for the RV Stabilizer back in late June 2004 and an independent patent attorney filed a patent application on the final design of the product later that same summer. We congratulate inventor Kenneth T. of Oregon on his U.S. patent!

The second invention, the Pet Pottie, is an innovative litter box and waste disposal product for pet owners. Its unique features help to make maintenance and clean-up of a litter box significantly easier than with a conventional design. As with the RV Stabilizer, Invent-Tech assisted in obtaining a licensing agreement for this product back in late June 2004, and the patent application was filed by an independent patent attorney shortly thereafter. Congratulations are in order for Michigan resident and Pet Pottie inventor Michael S. on his product having reached this important intellectual property benchmark.

Invent-Tech is always pleased to be able to bring you positive news on some of its “alumni”, so to speak. We take pride in inventions that we have assisted in licensing reaching important milestones such as this, and will continue to bring you updates such as these as warranted. Check back frequently!

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