Festive party ambiance and impressive food presentation made easy by Invent-Tech clients…

November 22nd, 2006

Last week, our Invent-Tech Network product entry introduced you to a number of products designed to help cooks whip up a fabulous traditional Thanksgiving feast with less effort. Although a major portion of the preparation is complete when the cooking is done, the host on Thanksgiving, or during any holiday, party or event for that matter, still has a lot of work to do to serve their guests.

A host must create a welcoming, festive ambiance with holiday or theme décor, ensure that foods are presented attractively and served at the optimum temperatures, and watch that guests’ drinks remain full. Just as our inventors were ripe with ideas to help when cooking for a party, Invent-Tech’s DataVault™ of inventions offers solutions for serving food and drinks, and creating unique party presentations.

Michigan resident, Debra P. found that her popular deviled eggs would heat up quickly after being served, and she knew they were not quite as tasty as when she removed them from the fridge. After discussing the issue with her mother, Losha P., the pair came up with a solution.

Their invention, the Chill & Go, keeps hors d’oeuvres from getting too soft and warm as they sit out during a party or event. It is conveniently portable, enabling caterers or individuals to transport them without messy incidents or accidents. Using the simple, inexpensive Chill & Go, foods stay chilled and fresh, enhancing their flavor and assisting users to create an impressive spread.

The Cracker Stacker, invented by David E. of Michigan, provides the ultimate serving device for crackers. Ideal for any party, picnic or other gathering, as well as daily use, the Cracker Stacker simplifies access to this popular snack while eliminating handling issues that hamper food sanitation.

The Cracker Stacker offers convenience and ease with its space-saving design, appealing to any individual that periodically hosts a crowd. Consumers will marvel at its unique design once made available through kitchen product retailers, household product stores, department stores, retail supercenters, supermarkets, specialty catalogs and the Internet.

The Liter Holder, invented by Marshall M. of Tennessee, is the ideal accessory at events where liter soda bottles are provided as beverages. This product enables users to dispense soda in a handsfree manner, which puts less strain on the wrist. It will come in handy for parties, meetings, picnics and holiday get-togethers. With its lightweight, affordable design and added convenience features, the Liter Holder will quickly recommend itself to individual hosts and hostesses as well as professional party planners.

The secret to every party is found in the details. Karen D. was eager to find the right place setting for her twins’ baptism. She looked for personalized items in vain. Hence, the Kansas resident decided to invent the Snap-A-Theme Place Setting. Along with her husband, Michael, they came up with personalized place settings that will fit any event or occasion.

The Snap-A-Theme Place Setting allows creative freedom in one’s décor and enables individuals to follow a desired theme. This product is guaranteed to make any party more festive and personal. With its affordable price, it is certain to appeal to a wide market of consumers.

We have introduced just a few of the valuable innovations our clients have invented to enhance the food presentation and ambiance at a party. Additional information about the Chill & Go, Cracker Stacker, Liter Holder, Snap-A-Theme Place Setting or other products Invent-Tech represents may be obtained by contacting the Publicity/Press Department of Invent-Tech at (800) 940-9020 ext. 2285 or at products@invent-tech.com. Invent-Tech® is a Coral Gables, Florida-based firm that is handling the publicity and public relations for these innovations.

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