Trade show follow-ups often prove to be a fruitful yet long-term proposition for Invent-Tech…

November 21st, 2006

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a Tuesday update on this abbreviated holiday week. Today we bring you a bit more detail on certain aspects of trade show leads and the follow-up process that Invent-Tech’s Manufacturer Response Team employs in regards to them, in an effort to shine some more light on what is often a somewhat misunderstood but integral aspect of Invent-Tech’s services to its inventors.

The idea for this post actually came to me earlier today, as I composed a couple of e-mails to companies that we had met at trade show events earlier this year in an attempt to follow up on invention information we’d sent them several months ago. I realized as I put together the correspondence that both of these manufacturers had expressed a great deal of interest in reviewing product ideas from the Invent-Tech roster at that time, and had been very specific about the product categories they dealt with and wanted to see product ideas in. Accordingly, the Manufacturer Response Team members handling their Innovation Direct accounts had carefully searched the Invent-Tech database for potentially relevant inventions and had sent them preliminary, non-confidential information on them at that time.

Although what I just described above happened several months ago, and although we in fact received confirmation from both manufacturers that many of the inventions sounded interesting and they were going to be discussed further within their companies in short order, we are still trying to get some type of closure from them regarding their intentions with these ideas several months later.

This scenario is at times an accurate representation of the reality of the trade show follow-up process. Most companies that Invent-Tech meets at trade show events sound very eager to get started receiving new product information from our company when we speak to them. However, it is inevitable that in certain cases these manufacturer representatives, once back in their offices, find themselves bogged down with their everyday responsibilities at their companies that are outside the scope of simply reviewing new product ideas. It indeed may take several follow-up attempts for the Manufacturer Response Team to get a clear response from these companies after we’ve sent them just an initial batch of new product information.

However, this is not to say that there will not eventually be a successful outcome just because there is a bit of diligence required on our end in the early stages. Invent-Tech, with over a decade of valuable experience assisting inventors and licensing products, understands that companies, especially those who are successful enough to have the resources to invest in multiple new products every year, are busy doing business virtually all of the time. It therefore can often take a “nose to the grindstone” approach to make inroads with some manufacturers, but Invent-Tech’s willingness and ability to practice this approach is precisely why we are contracted by individual inventors the world over to represent their product ideas.

As we’ve said before here on the Invent-Tech Network, patience and Invent-Tech’s expertise can be an inventor’s greatest allies in their quest to eventually find licensing success with their product idea. Join us tomorrow for more news!

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