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Professional sample of previously licensed Bag Rack arrives at Invent-Tech offices…

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with an update to kick off the week. We got our post-Thanksgiving period off to an exciting start when we received a fully finished sample of the previously licensed Bag Rack from the manufacturer via express mail this afternoon.

The product has remained very true to the inventor’s original design, and it appears to be of very high quality and handsomely crafted. We will be speaking to the manufacturer in the coming days to obtain additional details on how close the licensee is to getting units of the product into full distribution.

This step of a final sample of the product is a crucial and exciting one in the journey a product takes from concept to tangible reality. We hope to be able to bring you news in the coming days that the Bag Rack will soon be in full mass production, but only time will tell. In the interim, Invent-Tech certainly takes pride in being able to chronicle the positive progress that yet another product that our company assisted in licensing appears to be taking towards commercial success.

Join us tomorrow for more exciting developments!

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