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Invent-Tech receives photos of packaging from licensee of Multi-Pack Maxi…

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with our second update on what was a busy conclusion to a fruitful week for Invent-Tech and the Manufacturer Response Team. Our second piece of important news today involves the previously licensed Multi-Pack Maxi, an invention that Invent-Tech assisted in licensing back in April 2006 and that we most recently reported on in a September 18th entry (”Invent-Tech secures advanced level of interest in auto accessory; pictures of packaging received for previously licensed product…”).

The licensee of the product, whose offices are located in Algiers, recently sent the inventor e-mail photos of the latest version of packaging for the item, which looks both elegant and eye-catching. As we had reported in our September posting, the licensee had developed some crude prototypes of the packaging at that point, but everything looks to be significantly more developed at this time. The company is obviously inching closer to production, and we are very pleased to see the progress being made. The photos were promptly forwarded to the independent patent attorney that will be handling the application for U.S. intellectual property protection on the finished version of the product.

Continue to check in to the Invent-Tech Network regularly for updates on product ideas that we have previously assisted in licensing!

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Invent-Tech sends trade show lead over 40 product ideas through Innovation Direct™ program…

Good afternoon, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a Friday update. As regular readers of the Invent-Tech Network know, the true value of a trade show is sometimes seen months after the event, when Invent-Tech provides the companies met at the exhibit with a considerable number of product ideas from its database for review.

A good example came today, when a Manufacturer Response Team member handling the Innovation Direct account of a company that we originally met at the 2005 edition of the International Home and Houswares Show responded to their recent request for inventions in a wide variety of product categories by sending them over 40 inventions from the Invent-Tech roster.

We expect to hear back from this company soon with what we hope will be very positive feedback on a good number of the inventions they were sent. As customary, Invent-Tech continues to diligently work to extract maximum value from the major industry trade shows that we attend, and the inventors that we represent are the beneficiaries!

Stay tuned to the Invent-Tech Network for the latest!

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