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Invent-Tech already talking licensing with company displaying advanced level of interest in cigar accessory; pool accessory taking positive steps toward potential success as well…

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a Monday evening update to kick off yet another great week at the nation’s preeminent inventor assistance firm. Invent-Tech and the Manufacturer Response Team wasted no time getting things off to a dynamic start as dialogue was conducted with two companies who have been expressing serious interest in products from the Invent-Tech roster.

The first scenario involves a cigar accessory that we just recently reported on in a November 6th entry (”Invent-Tech secures advanced level of interest in kitchen, cigar accessories; Manufacturer Response Team staff returns to office following AAPEX 2006…“). The Manufacturer Response Team member handling the advanced level of interest being shown in this invention has been exchanging e-mails with the overseas company that is researching the product idea’s potential. They sent an e-mail today informing us that they apparently have the manufacturing capabilities for the invention and are contemplating creating a prototype. The Manufacturer Response Team representative took the proactive step of preparing a licensing agreement draft and sending it to them via e-mail for review. We hope to be able to enter into full licensing discussions with this company over the next several days and eventually secure their commitment to licensing this product. As always, we will keep you updated on any positive developments, here on the Invent-Tech Network!

The second situation involves a product that we last reported on in a June 29th entry (Invent-Tech receives two fully executed licensing agreements today, secures advanced level of interest on pool accessory as well…”) and that has been dutifully researched by the company that had expressed an advanced level of interest at that time. The invention, which is a pool accessory that the inventors have a fully working prototype of in their home, is looking like a very good fit for the potential licensee’s product line. The manufacturer recently had sent a list of important questions regarding functionality via e-mail for the inventors to answer, and they went ahead and provided those responses today along with photos of their prototype in action. The Manufacturer Response Team member managing this ongoing situation then contacted the company, who requested to receive the photos and responses via overnight mail. The materials were therefore sent to the company this afternoon, and we now hope to be able to also enter serious licensing discussions with this company after they review the information. As always, we will keep you updated on any further progress, here on the Invent-Tech Network.

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