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Invent-Tech receives updates on several previously licensed products; previously licensed Buck Fighter invention to have provisional patent filed…

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a Friday update. Today seemed to be the day to hear the latest from the licensees of a couple of previously licensed Invent-Tech products, and we also were informed by an independent patent attorney that the Buck Fighter, a hunting accessory Invent-Tech helped license back in March 2005, will shortly be entering provisional patent status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

To begin with, we heard from the licensee of Help and Care At The Dentist, a product that Invent-Tech assisted in licensing in October and that we have reported on several times here on the Invent-Tech Network in recent weeks. The licensee informed us today via e-mail that they are expecting to hear back early next week from a major dental products distributor that may be very interested in the invention, as well as from several other companies they’ve presented it to as well. While there is no guarantee of success, we are certainly impressed and encouraged by how quickly this company has moved in attempting to garner interest in the item.

Additionally, we heard news on the previously licensed Buck Fighter from both the licensee and the patent attorney that has been working to secure some sort of intellectual property on this still-developing product. In fact, a conference call was held today between the inventors of the product, the patent attorney, and the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s representative explained that they were going to put some finishing touches on particular component of the item and then would be test marketing several units with different outlets and stores that deal in hunting products and accessories. The independent patent attorney explained that due to the fact that the design of the item has yet to be finalized, a provisional patent application that he will be mailing off to the United States Patent and Trademark Office within a few days was the most prudent form of protection for the invention at this point.

Finally, the licensee of the Buck Fighter also provided Invent-Tech with brief updates on two other product ideas from the Invent-Tech roster that they licensed in the spring of 2005. Regarding the lawn care accessory by the name of Turf Sweep 60-DD, the manufacturer explained that they will be proceeding soon with the presentation of the idea to a major company in the lawn care industry that may be a very good fit for the item. As far as the Directional Hose Guide, a medical accessory, the manufacturer informed us that an order they have placed for 10,000 units of the product that will serve as a test marketing run is going to be arriving to them soon from their overseas factory.

Invent-Tech is certainly always pleased to receive updates about previous successes from our invention roster. Join us Monday for more good news!

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