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The journey of an inventor with Invent-Tech…

Good afternoon, Invent-Tech’s Sr. Technical Writer back with our departmental series to discuss what happens to an inventor’s invention submission when it reaches our office.  Inventors typically learn about Invent-Tech through a variety of channels, including television, the Internet and word-of-mouth. Inventors usually believe that they have a great idea, but often they may lack the time, experience or resources needed to market their invention effectively on their own, and they recognize the value of Invent-Tech’s Inventor Assistance Services. They then register online or call us to receive free information and a DVD of previously licensed products. Those with the initiative to complete and send back their Confidential Submission Document may then embark on an exciting journey with Invent-Tech.

When the Invent-Tech staff first receives an inventor’s submission, it is processed through our Administrative Support department. This department sorts out incomplete or illegible documents, as well as inventions that fall under restricted categories, as discussed in the August 10th entry here on the Invent-Tech Network, “How Many Ideas Does Invent-Tech Accept or Reject?”, Those submissions found to be acceptable for further assistance are then assigned to our New Project Directors, whose role was explained in a June 14th post.

In the beginning, the journey an invention takes through Invent-Tech is a fairly standardized process. Though inventions come to us in many different forms, the primary focus when inventors first contact us is to inform them of what they can expect from their relationship with Invent-Tech.

Once Invent-Tech’s NPD has explained all the details about our range of services, and a contract for further assistance has been issued to them, an inventor then presents us with all the relevant product details that are used to create their Invention Research Portfolio, (introduced in an entry on March 20th). After reviewing their completed IRP, inventors may choose Invent-Tech as their designated marketing representatives in their search for a company to produce their invention or they may not. It is up to each inventor to choose the path that is right for their brainchild.

Inventors who do choose to continue with Invent-Tech, however, benefit from our more than a decade of hands-on experience in producing attractive, useful marketing and promotional materials; press and publicity campaigns; in contacting manufacturers that may be interested in producing, distributing and marketing an innovative new product; representing inventors at leading industry trade shows; and in negotiating licensing agreements. They work closely with Invent-Tech to create powerful tools such as our New Product Overview DVD and Interactive Virtual Reality Presentation, as well take advantage of our industry leading licensing initiatives, such as Innovation Direct™.

Next week, we will continue to follow an invention’s path through our company, introducing the various departments who diligently work toward each and every project’s success.

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